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Event date: 2007-12-21 13:06:00

Yes Ladies and Gents .. back by populair deman .. there will be FRIDAYNIGHT POKA~! afterdark .. in amsterdam this weekend .,.
chips dips booze and the Chroma mixes for the perfect evening of Lowstakes POKA~!!

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Guarantees: soniclockboxsurfer  

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No Excuses Tolerated

Event date: 2007-12-15 21:15:00

So everyone counts on Fridaynight Poker.. and Saturday is used for all ur social events.
Making sure that I'm in time this time:

A Lovely atmosphere

anddd... a Bright and Shiny.. Sparkling Dazzling X-Mas Tree!!!

Keep your Saturday free or Cancel your current appointments NOW!

Once you've guaranteed your precense I shall mail you my address :D


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Guarantees: Lemming   FokerPace   cosmosis  

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Poker bij Eva!

Event date: 2007-12-08 00:00:00


Lowstakes Op de Karel Doormanlaan :)

Jaaa.. eindelijk durf ik mijn huis te vertonen!

There will be



Enneh.. kan iemand heel veel chips meenemen??

Guarantees: WanderingStar   Lemming  

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Poker !!

Event date: 2007-12-07 22:50:00

Poker tonight due to cancelation of Saturday night poker here it Is once more .. Friday night Poker @ the Sonix .. back by popular demand!!
We are gonna be there Drinking and smoking as we allways Are !! and what the hell while we`re doing that we might as well play some POKER.

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Barbados Poker Nights! [ at Hanzolitohs ]

Event date: 2007-11-30 19:00:00

Barbados negotiated its own independence in June 1966. Barbados finally became an independent state on November 30, 1966.

In honour of this glorious event, we will play hotshot holdem Barbados Nights Poker together with our special invitees:
- Eva, the mystical shamanic pooch
- Greben, half the sack of LowStakes
- Ambient Express, as earlier convicted
- Del Sando, straight through the gate
- Hanzolito Himself, sucking out
- Lemon, omdat het hem gegunt is
- My Kock, on parole (smoke patrol)
- The Grey, in My Kocks SuppahDuppah car
- Object Oriented, staking the weak
- Red, who knows your number

See you at Hanzolitoz, Amsterdam, 19.00 until 04.00 Friday evening.

Guarantees: soniclockboxsurfer   FokerPace  

This event was added by FokerPace on 11/29/07

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