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Einsteins of Poker Unite!

Event date: 2008-03-14 22:00:00

LowStakes people gather up again to celebrate Albert Einstein's Birthday with a high class scientific Texas Holdem No-Limit session at Hanzolitoh's Hideout on Friday!

See you at Lito's!

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Guarantees: soniclockboxsurfer   FokerPace   wolkenridder   WanderingStar  

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Litohs place is open for business

Event date: 2008-02-29 22:00:00

Texas Holdem No Limit LowStakes @ Lito's place in Amsterdam tonight.

Work your way through the junk to the poker table to join the hardcore action tonight ;)

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Guarantees: FokerPace   soniclockboxsurfer   *Flushing[TizZ]*   Lemming   Greben  

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Holdem Renegades Unlimited

Event date: 2008-02-22 22:00:00

Motherfucking Holdem Renegades Unite!

In Amsterdam on 22-2-2008 @ hansolito's underground hideout!

Please let us know by guaranteeing if you're coming over cause I am not dropping by if only the standard weekly crowd consisting of kokker and rood will be present.

Mo playaz! Mo action! Less shuffeling!

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Guarantees: soniclockboxsurfer   WanderingStar   Black2lip  

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Lowstakes Sultry Summernight!!

Event date: 2008-02-08 22:00:00

== Weg-met-de-Winterdip-Editie ==

Everyone pull out your bermuda's and hawaiian shirts!
I'm turning up the heat cuz it's time to get rid of the winter-blues!!

After a LowStakes hybernation I think it's time to shuffle the cards again!
Bring all your money, pokerskills and most of all your happy-go-lucky-flip-flops!

Everyone is warmly invited for a nice Sultry Night of Passionate Poker Playing @ Casa Eva!

I'll make sure you will be richly provided with snacks & beverages, so guarantee your presence and I'll guarantee you a wonderfull evening!

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Guarantees: FokerPace   Lemming   Greben   WanderingStar   Ambiance   cosmosis  

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Event date: 2007-12-31 23:59:00


If you are looking for a game on new years eve, please GUARANTEE immediately!

If enough people are interested, we will throw a PARTY and POKERGAME at Sonics Hideout!!

Good luck!

Comments: 5

Guarantees: soniclockboxsurfer   cosmosis   FokerPace   DelSando  

This event was added by FokerPace on 12/21/07

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