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Texas Holdem Frenzy FRIDAY @ SonicSurfers Hideout

Event date: 2007-10-05 19:00:00


Everybody be braggin', but we're the ones who'll be playing real poker!

Please be advised that coming to this event can seriously inflict your health in many unforeseen ways.

Cards will be dealt, players will be ripped to shreds and we'll all have a blast as usual.

Its been a long time. Please guarantee your presence so all the others will be even more motivated to join the crew on this beautiful upcoming Friday Night at Sonics Hideout: Where the beer's cool and the girls are warm.

Guarantees: joey   Greben   FokerPace   soniclockboxsurfer  

This event was added by FokerPace on 10/4/07

Yo better get ur money out ur pockets

By Greben on 10/4/07

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