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PokerNight !! once more

Event date: 2007-11-23 00:00:00

Sonicx place is open for Buiness once more ,, .
and Once again its Ladies night .., last time we had only one an we appriciate Eva for keeping ladies night alive ! .., now we`re aiming for 2 ladies + so bring ur lady friends ^^ .. there will be some Red and white wine available for them .

Guarantees: soniclockboxsurfer  

This event was added by soniclockboxsurfer on 11/20/07

i will be there if eva will be there or if she has other plans that exclude me

By FokerPace on 11/20/07

Back in da hood!
I will be there if the Bstard will be there with his suppahduppah car!

By cosmosis on 11/21/07

I'll be there, but without my supapahduppah car ;-( this time i'll have to take the mini ;-)

By bstard on 11/23/07

hmmmm manual guarantees :D

By FokerPace on 11/23/07

manual guarantees, should be shot

By Greben on 11/26/07

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