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Event date: 2007-12-21 13:06:00

Yes Ladies and Gents .. back by populair deman .. there will be FRIDAYNIGHT POKA~! afterdark .. in amsterdam this weekend .,.
chips dips booze and the Chroma mixes for the perfect evening of Lowstakes POKA~!!

Guarantees: soniclockboxsurfer  

This event was added by soniclockboxsurfer on 12/17/07

I'll probably be there if the kokker drives by with his monstertruck

By cosmosis on 12/18/07

i got troubles planning again, better be some people guaranteeing before i try to travel from africa to ina to china and back.... in the fricking cold...

By Greben on 12/19/07

wont be there 90% sure

By Greben on 12/19/07


By Greben on 12/19/07

I'm game, but don't make me go heads up vs the surfer...

By Frunnik on 12/21/07

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