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Lowstakes Sultry Summernight!!

Event date: 2008-02-08 22:00:00

== Weg-met-de-Winterdip-Editie ==

Everyone pull out your bermuda's and hawaiian shirts!
I'm turning up the heat cuz it's time to get rid of the winter-blues!!

After a LowStakes hybernation I think it's time to shuffle the cards again!
Bring all your money, pokerskills and most of all your happy-go-lucky-flip-flops!

Everyone is warmly invited for a nice Sultry Night of Passionate Poker Playing @ Casa Eva!

I'll make sure you will be richly provided with snacks & beverages, so guarantee your presence and I'll guarantee you a wonderfull evening!

Guarantees: FokerPace   Lemming   Greben   WanderingStar   Ambiance   cosmosis  

This event was added by FokerPace on 2/7/08


By Greben on 2/7/08

I will be bringing the lawyer from Utrecht in all probabilty

By Ambiance on 2/7/08

where is the sonicsurfer, I'm coming to collect his money!

By cosmosis on 2/8/08

Dat was lachen en drukker dan ooit! Heb zelfs wat nieuwe woorden geleerd :)
- safe booten [tijdens de start van de relatie haar nog niet aan je vrienden introduceren] by the greben
- buckwild [los gaan met de chipperz] by the klipzar
- de troubadours Muehaha klipzarz.. ik kan me niet herinneren waar t ook al weer over ging though
- menopause diagfragmas by franky over de bejaarden zwemmende lijken
- reaping the sheep by the greben
- sapperdieflap by het klipsel
Big thanks for coming to...
black2lip, fokerpace, eva, greben, rosalie, cosmosis, kokker, lemming, ambiance, delsando, the advocate, the klippa, franky goes to hollywood and Sager Kahn

By FokerPace on 2/9/08


You guys thanxXx for showing up everyone!!! What a great night! What a great crowd!!

Already looking forward to the Real Summer LowStakes in the backyard!! And Look what GREAT weather we set in motion with our Summer-Poker-Night!!

By WanderingStar on 2/11/08

JA Thanks a lot to EVA who made her house available and gave us her priceless care and food!! low stakes strikes again

By Greben on 2/12/08

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