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Lemming's birthday poker

Event date: 2008-05-23 19:00:00

Your presence is my present!
Make sure you mail to
if you want something else than beer.
If the weather is good we will play in the garden!
You also get the opportunity to get a glimpse
of my cannabis plant, she will be exactly one
month old :) I will be almost 372 months old.
Mail as soon as possible!!!

See you tomorrow at 19:00 or later,


p.s. Guarantee your presence now! :)

Guarantees: Lemming   *Flushing[TizZ]*   FokerPace   darkfiber   WanderingStar   Greben  

This event was added by Lemming on 5/22/08

Great, Lets play Pokah !!

By *Flushing[TizZ]* on 5/23/08

Happy birthday Lemming!!

By cosmosis on 5/23/08

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