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Friday Night Poker

Event date: 2010-02-19 19:00:00

You know what Hannibal Lecter calls a Black, a Latino, and a Taiwan guy? A B.L.T.

Lets hang out and have some fun and play some pokah!

FokerPace's whorehouse is open from 7pm :)

Guarantees: WanderingStar is possibly coming, Queen of Hearts is not coming, Greben is not coming and FokerPace is guaranteed to come

This event was added by FokerPace on 2/17/10

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Ga al uit eten en naar de film (de laatstev Scorsese) dus helaas...

By Queen of Hearts on 2/18/10

Ik ook naar de film.. maar misschien ook niet.. i'll keep u posted.

By WanderingStar on 2/19/10

Ik ook naar de film, mannen die vrouwen haten met ben en jerrys eis... looks like fokerpace is playing poker with himself hahaha :P

By Greben on 2/19/10

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