Status: OK


Third time charm Lowstakes Pokar

Event date: 2010-02-26 19:00:00


....... cause we're evil, bloodthirsty and we'll spread evilness and greed wherever we can .......


This time everybody will come and we'll play until deep in the night, after that everything will turn into a brilliant orgy and we'll all return home satisfied!!

No fagues like you all know who allowed - only hot females and true friends!

Yes it's gonna be go-time now bitches... one for all, all for one !!!!!!!!!!!


So what does it say in your agenda for the coming friday??? POKA!

Yes it is pokatime! @ le petit moulin rouge Utrecht :)

See yazz there..

Guarantees: Queen of Hearts is not coming, Ambiance is probably coming and FokerPace is guaranteed to come

This event was added by FokerPace on 2/22/10

Subscribed to updates: FokerPace, Ambiance and Queen of Hearts

Dommage! Already buzy that night, but a French friend of mine just won €3600 in a 'poka' tournament. When he's here I'll bring him to one of your Lowstakes parties. ;)

By Queen of Hearts on 2/23/10

Event Update:

This event has been cancelled.

By FokerPace on 2/25/10

fuck nobody's coming again! i'll be playing my wii, bitches :D

By FokerPace on 2/25/10

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