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Was LowStakes just part of the poker hype? F--k Yeah F-ck NO!!!

Event date: 2011-02-25 16:16:16

Was LowStakes just part of the poker hype?


Game will be booted up at 16:16:16 no matter how many or few players!!!

Will continue as more people walk in and donate their hard earned living household money to the sharks who are already nicely settled.

Be there or be a fag!!!!!

** all of the sudden you have a very strong overpowering feeling that your money is burning in your pocket and you must attend the lowstakes poker game next friday **

Location : Fokerpace's patch

Love & lust4cashmoneygiveittomenow,


Guarantees: FokerPace is guaranteed to come, Lemming is guaranteed to come, Ambiance is guaranteed to come and Greben is possibly coming

This event was added by FokerPace on 2/23/11

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Hey motherfockers! We expect only the best of the best to compete in this event! Be a hero or stay away! The cops will not be here again this time,
probably! (Right FokerPace???)

By Lemming on 2/24/11

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