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Poker Power

Event date: 2011-03-04 16:16:16


Hello Poker Buddies,

Due to the insane success of last weeks pokagame, we will have another one this week!

And remember...

When you loose it all... don't cry... but REBUY!

Tip: Bring enough cash and wits.

See you there, if you dare :)

Love & Chips,


ps. Bring your own drinks and foods, or a big donation to the house is expected!

Guarantees: FokerPace is guaranteed to come, Hemzelluf is not coming, Greben is not coming and Ambiance is probably coming

This event was added by FokerPace on 3/2/11

Subscribed to updates: FokerPace and Ambiance

send me an e-mail on sjaakbert @ heb me telefoon niet bij me maar wil je wel ff spreken over vrijdag ...!

By Greben on 3/2/11

Event Update:

Due to the fact that nobody dares to play the king anymore.. obviously due to the fact that his poker skills are so immaculate that all LowStakes amateurs from the past just shiver and piss their pants at the thought of playing again, I might have to cancel this particular event.

We might try one again next week if there's still some players with some cohonez out there :)

By FokerPace on 3/4/11

Event Update:

This event has been cancelled.

By FokerPace on 3/4/11

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